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Evaluation of post-extraction alveolar regeneration time in advanced periodontal disease employing novel hydroxyapatitepolymeric (FlexiOss®Vet) in dogs

Misztal-Kunecka A., Dzimira St., Łojszczyk A.

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Behavior of new hydroxyapatite / glucan composite in human serum

Borkowski L., Lübek T., Jojczuk M., Nogalski A., Belcarz A., Palka K., Hajnos M., Ginalska G.

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Unexpected reaction of new HAp / glucan composite to environmental acidification: Defect or advantage?

Borkowski L., Kiernicka M., Belcarz A., Pałka K., Hajnos M., Ginalska G.


The comparison study of bioactivity between composites containing synthetic non-substituted and carbonate-substituted hydroxyapatite

Borkowski L., Sroka-Bartnicka A., Drączkowski P., Ptak A., Zięba E., Ślósarczyk A., Ginalska G.

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Biphasic made of antibacterial action of aminoglycoside antibiotics-loaded elastic hydroxyapatite–glucan composite

Belcarz A., Zima A., Ginalska G.

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Application of β-1,3-glucan in production of ceramics-based elastic composite for bone repair

Belcarz A., Ginalska G., Pycka T., Zima A., Ślósarczyk A., Polkowska I., Paszkiewicz Z., Piekarczyk W.

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